Personal Favorites

Well-Read Black Girl (WRBG) is a book club turned literary festival based in Brooklyn, NY. WRBG provides a vital space for Black women readers and writers to connect and grow in conversation. Our goal is to introduce a cohort of diverse writers to future generations – contemporary authors who are non-binary, queer, trans, and disabled. To address inequalities and improve communities through reading and reflecting on the works of Black women.
Riley: Bad Things For The Right Reasons
By Benson C. Satterfield 
After a long and bloody war Government inc. has now completed its hostile takeover of mankind. With the war over many are left with skills that have little use in polite society; but where there is a will there is a way. Mercenary work is hard to come by in this brave new universe. In order to stay in business Riley takes the ‘wet work’ contracts that Government inc. needs done. It’s not like the people they send lackeys after are good people anyway... Right?
I was so intrigued by my student's script in an advanced scriptwriting class that I asked him to go further on the background of the protagonist. Years later, he sent me this story. His dystopian tale does include blood, guts and gore. I asked him for a second book.
Skeleton Woman Buys the Ticket
By Hester L. Furey
With these new poems, Hester L. Furey gives us powerful incantations for a dark and troubled time. Over and over, the myths we know to be truths guide us through unsettled loves and unbridled lusts to answers that lie within the terrifying and undying natural world. Skeleton Woman Buys the Ticket is a secret map showing us the way out of a strange and hostile landscape we didn’t even know surrounds us.
–R.S. Williams, author of “The Lipstick Queen” and Songs My Father Barely Knew
A brilliant mind, a dear friend and a great support as a memeber of our writers group.